About - katana london London and Beijing skyline graphic design by Katana


Creative x Commercial

We create intelligent brand communications and digital media for clients all over the world. London, Paris, New York, Vienna, Kiev, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Nairobi, Muscat and Jeddah are some of the places our work has travelled.

Form + Function

We are design-led but commercially driven; looks matter almost as much as the results. In this respect we are “deeply superficial” and our work needs to be as appealing as it is relevant to the brand, its business, its customers.

Innovation / Design

Understanding the importance of building brands across all channels and geographies we opened our studio in China. Our comrades over there build the innovative solutions we dream up here, whilst we help brands build their presence in the world’s biggest market.

(environmental & social)

Understanding the peril our planet appears to be in, we run a dedicated environment strategy and design unit, Katana RE. We’re saving the world, one pixel at a time!

Strategic Creativity

With globalisation, fragmented channels and social media forever altering familiar landscapes, we develop strategies to take you from the store, off printed page, through the web and onto your phone, with relevance, intelligence and without missing a beat.

We practice what we preach

We test our ideas, principles and technologies on our own brands, and when it makes sense, we invest in brands and businesses that we help develop. We call it creative equity.


2 cities, 8 languages

Our cosmopolitan team have lived and travelled all over the world and speak English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

well travelled, well watered, well fed

Our natural home is high-end hospitality, lifestyle and travel, but we are equally comfortable on the playing fields of the city, and in the hothouse chaos of upwardly mobile start-ups.

Passionate, patient, persistent

Our natural home is high-end lifestyle, but we are equally comfortable on the playing fields of the city and in the hothouse chaos of upwardly mobile start-ups.


We challenge you and we cajole you. We hope we inspire you as we learn from you.