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Beijing Design Week 2015

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Launched in 2009, Beijing Design Week is a citywide event co-hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, to nurture a culture of design in a Chinese context.

With seven key sections – Opening Ceremony, Design Awards, Design Market, Design Talent, Smart City, Design HOP, Guest City – Beijing Design Week features hundreds of international exhibitions and public events providing the most influential platform in China, indeed in Asia, for the display, promotion and exchange of creative ideas.

We brought Beijing Design Week 2015 and Parkview Green together, creating a new hub around ‘New Forms of Making’, showcasing 3D printing, and created a Guinness World Record in the process.

Beijing Design Week website

Beijing design week 2015 - Vulcan 3D Structure

 A World Record!

Beijing Design Week 2015 - A Guinness World Record 3D Structure

Engagement & Experience

Beijing Design Week 2015 - Engagement & Experience

Branding & Communications

Beijing Design Week 2015 - Branding & Communications

Content & Programming

Beijing Design Week 2015 - Content & Programming

Beijing Design Week 2015 - Content & Programming

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