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Foodcare Direct

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Foodcare is a leading distributor of catering equipment to the UK’s National Health Service, Universities and trade with a catalogue of 10,000 products.

Katana was engaged to create a modern, SEO friendly and robust eCommerce platform capable of expressing the multitude of products and product categories to clients without generating confusion. The platform is to also cater for a growing emphasis on mass market retail sales.

A family business, Foodcare was firmly esconsed in a manual, offline order management process largely driven by an institutional client base such as the National Health Service and multiple suppliers.

A clean and visual online store with clear and consistent product categorisation, multiple internal marketing channels, coupled with a robust backend system. A client account section enabling wishlists and request for proposals (RFP) was created to service institutional clients requiring a more manual process to assist and encourage their gradual migration to online ordering.

Social media integration and an inspirations section was provided to service retail interaction and sales.


Foodcare logo design by katana


Foodcare ecommerce platform design by Katana Foodcare online store design by katana Foodcare ecommerce platform developed by katana