A Mulberry Christmas on WeChat

December 8, 2014

We were asked by Mulberry and their (our) social media partner, Hot Pot Digital, to create a way to bring the Mulberry flagship Bond Street store shopping experience to Chinese consumers via social media.

We created a mobile microsite that offered a virtual walk-through the store allowing users to browse featured products and be directed to an e-Commerce platform to purchase the products or contact Mulberry to find out more.

The campaign was executed via WeChat, China’s main social media messaging platform in order to drive greater engagement with Mulberry’s growing WeChat audience. Once on the microsite, users are prompted to shake the phone to display an animation of falling christmas presents before entering the store. Users can move their device left and right to navigate across the shop floor and zoom into shelves to view specific product details.

Click here from your mobile to visit the ‘Bond Street Store Experience’




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