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Philosophy – The Art of Fitness

June 11, 2016

‘In order to change your body, you must first change your mind.’

So say the team at Philosophy, Beijing’s newest and most progressive fitness club.

When you hear the word Philosophy, you would be forgiven for not immediately thinking of a gym, but that is kind of the point.

We were challenged to create a brand that represents a completely different approach to fitness. One that recognises and understands that high level training is more than just weights and machines, that motivation starts with inspiration and desire, that maintaining fitness and wellbeing is not just science, but also an art.

Philosophy is an unique facility that merges traditional training equipment with innovative functional training allowing members to experience the latest and most effective training techniques on the market.

The icon in our identity reflects this merging of mind and body, tradition and innovation and the notion of the third space. With the colour gradient symbolising the journey to true fitness.

We are really enjoying our collaboration with this exciting new brand in what is a dynamic and fast-growing sector in China and most of all, we love working out in Philosophy!

If you are interested to join the club and learn all about the art of fitness you can find more details via the wechat link below.

Philosophy art of fitness identity mockup

Philosophy art of fitness stamp Philosophy advertising launch campaign posters

philosophy event booth design mockup

philosophy reception philosophy interior photograph

philosophy interior

philosophy branded merchandise designs philosophy wechat link



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