TEDx Beijing Salon with Fernando Botero

TEDx Beijing Salon: An Evening with Fernando Botero

November 23, 2015

As part of our brand development and communications work with Fernando Botero in support of his Botero in China exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing, we were delighted to be able to organise a special evening with TEDx Beijing Salon.

An Evening with Fernando Botero poster

On November 21, TEDxBeijing hosted ‘An Evening With Fernando Botero’ at Salone Monaco in Parkview Green Fangcaodi. Master Botero had a wonderfully engaging conversation with ‘Botero in China – Exhibition of Fernando Botero’ Curator Janet Fong about art, his life and beliefs.

Colombian Ambassador at TEDx with Fernando Botero

The Ambassador of Colombia to China, H.E. Mrs Carmenza Jaramillo, provided a warm and cultured introduction for Master Botero to the guests.

Master Botero offered his ideas about art, discussing the popular view that “Painting is dead” and humourously answered questions like “What you want to say to the people who say you paint ‘fat women’?”.

His convictions inspired many questions from the audience and provided greater insight into his work and philosophies on art.

Fernando Botero Speaking at TEDx collage

Deputy Director of the National Museum of China, Chen Lvsheng, also attended and highly praised the achievement of Master Botero, mentioning the enlightenment that the exhibition will bring to the Chinese audience.

Deputy Director of National Museum of China speaking at TEDx Beijing Salon

Fernando Botero Laughing during Ted talk

After the talk, Master Botero was presented with two miniature versions of his ‘The Bird’ and ‘The Hand’ sculptures made entirely out of chocolate by La Galleria, a platform that blurs the lines between art and food.

The CEO of La Galleria Mr. Mario Zaccagnini told us: “It couldn’t have been a greater honour to recreate Master Botero’s sculpture – The Bird and The Hand. I chose The Bird because the it looks like a dove, its traditionally associated with peace and serenity, somehow enhancing the power of optimism. Furthermore, the “hand” is located in the heart of Madrid, a city in which I have lived for many years. “

Chocolate miniature statue of Botero bird sculpture

Chocolate miniature of Botero's hand sculpture

Master Botero and his wife, artist Sofia Vari, were invited to break the sculptures with a hammer so they and everyone else could try them. The sculptures were a suitably creative and delicious way to end a wonderful evening.

Fernando Botero breaking chocolate replica of his bird sculpture

Sophia Vari breaking a chocolate replica of Botero's hand sculpture

TEDx Beijing Salon with Fernando Botero audience

An evening with Fernando Botero at TEDx beijing salon

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