The Villa Treville Experience

June 10, 2015

Villa TrevilleĀ is one of those places that simply takes your breath away. The former private residence of celebrated opera and film director Franco Zeffirelli, tumbles down a rocky promontory overlooking the impossibly picturesque Positano on Italy’s fabled Amalfi coast.

Now a luxury boutique retreat, Villa Treville boasts 15 spectacular and totally unique rooms spread across 4 beautifully appointed villas set amongst lush terraced gardens. More than the setting. though it is the atmosphere the team have created that makes this place so special.

When we visited, it was fully booked, but we always felt as we had the place to ourselves and that we were staying at the villa of a close family friend.

Expressing all that this wonderful place has to offer through a two dimensional digital platform was always going to be a challenge. We created a visual feast led by the sumptuous photography as there really is no substitute. But as with Villa Treville itself, we paid attention to the details: creating bespoke icons for each of the signature rooms named after celebrated guests or operas; different background effects reflecting the various materials; custom illustrations referencing aspects of the villa. We also helped them create a guide to local attractions as unlike most other destinations, the Villa Treville experience goes far beyond trying to keep everyone within its own walls. The minute you step inside, you will never want to stay anywhere else anyway…








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