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Plenish Cleanse

Lifestyle, F&B

Plenish Cleanse is a new entrant into the UK market offering organic juice cleansing packages delivered to your door.

We were engaged to design and develop the eCommerce platform. The main challenge was to be able to offer pre-defined packages of juices that worked as single products as well as ‘tasting flights’ that customers can create for themselves by selecting individual bottles.

The most important aspect of the Plenish Cleanse juices is their ingredients and a completely bespoke way of visually displaying all the juices and their ingredients that is freely editable by the admin was implemented.

The client also wanted a more flexible content management system that required the integration of WordPress with the Magento eCommerce platform.

plenish cleanse ipad design mock-up by katana

eCommerce Strategy

plenish cleanse website design screenshots by katana

Graphic Design

plenish cleanse juice graphics designed by katana