The eyes of the world are on Japan. With a successful Rugby World Cup under the belt, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games about to start, the Osaka World Expo to follow in 2025, 3 integrated resorts licenses to be awarded and 700 hotels under various stages of development, it’s safe to say that Japan tourism is having its moment in the sun.
With inbound tourism growing in leaps and bounds, the industry is keen to better position Japan as a luxury destination - quality over quantity - but with the least number of 5 Star properties of any major world city - 32 compared with 793 in the US and 137 in China, or even 112 in Thailand - this has traditionally been a challenge. Enter Taro.
We were tasked by team Taro to create a cotemporary luxury travel brand that not only references Japan’s deep cultural heritage and style, but also makes it relevant to today’s audience.

We did this by understanding our core customer - that they were looking for extraordinary experiences that connected them to exceptional people… to make their own stories. To offer this, Taro would peel back the layers of a traditionally closed culture and provide access to rare experiences inside the real Japan.
The identity reflects this idea, with various traditional graphic patterns interchangeably integrated into the brand mark to represent the layers of Japan that Taro will uncover for its guests. The brand identity is then extended through a full brand communications platform including digital, print and social media communications.

There has never been a better time to visit Japan. What are you waiting for?
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