The late great film and opera director, Franco Zeffirelli, fell in love with Positano and took up residence in Villa Treville, a cascading home nestled in the waterside cliff face, for 35 years. He expanded the cluster of villas to create new gardens, terraces and hidden pools, and continued the tradition of cultural ferment started by his predecessor, the writer Mikhail Semonov, in the 1920’s.
Positano and Villa Treville became the epicentre of La Dolce Vita with Zeffirelli as host and ringmaster to a stream of legendary guests like Callas, Nuryev and Taylor. The stewardship may have changed today, but it remains a magical destination with theatrical flair, and a magnet for the global elite.
The new owners invited us to assist with the process of turning the celebrated private home into an ultra-luxury, albeit semi-private, boutique hotel open to the discerning public, while still retaining its heritage and the genuine sense of being a private family home.
We defined the new brand and business proposition, so the owners and operations team were fully aligned on how the brand would be communicated and the service would be delivered. We reviewed and mapped out the new guest journey, looking at the brand touch points and guest amenities and what the guest experience looks like.
Our recommendations were then compiled into a working ‘brand bible’ alongside a new suite of brand communications materials, that would form the blueprint for a new hospitality business that now includes residences in Phuket, Thailand, and Hakone, Japan.
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